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The following news item was taken from my "Cowboys & Bodgers" gallery (Installer fault 21)

Location - Droitwich

Complaint - Picture break-up and cable mess just inside the loft hatch.

Fault - Insufficient filtering of 4G transmissions and inappropriate use and location of mast head amplifier.

The sight of these amplifiers and TV aerial equipment inside a loft seems to be increasingly common and guess it's the work of unscrupulous and dishonest Aerial installers.

The Vision masthead amplifier marked "1" in my photo was installed as a replacement for the Fringe electronics amplifier "3" There was nothing wrong with the Fringe amplifier but to install a Masthead amplifier designed for outdoor use was not only dishonest but also technically incorrect too.

The 12 volt power unit "2" in my photo is used to feed voltage to the amplifier when it's located outside and a long way from a power source. Of course, in this case there was no problem obtaining power as it is in the form of a double, 240 volt socket right next to all of the equipment. 4G interference also continued to be an issue during the evenings for this customer.

Remedy - Return the 4 coax's to the perfectly working Fringe electronics amplifier and add one extra 4G filter. Remove the unrequired masthead amplifier & power unit.