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As of Wednesday 7th of March 2018 there is a very good chance that you may have the words "Weak or No Signal" displayed on your TV screen, especially if your TV Aerial is pointed towards the Malvern transmitter.

In the early hours of this morning, significant engineering or frequency re-allocation work to be more precise was completed on many TV transmitters located throughout the Midlands.

The work to move many TV channels in their individual blocks (Multiplex's) to lower frequencies on the ever shrinking TV band had been planned for sometime.

The reason for doing this work was to make way for new mobile phone services which will begin to use these old TV frequencies for things like Mobile 5G, starting in 2020.

If you were to scroll down below this News item you will notice that I have always strongly advised against the re-tune of TVs if reception is lost!

Well of course, on this rare occasion the only way to restore TV reception is to actually re-tune your TV. So my advice this time is to Auto Re-tune your TV,
IF your TV reception was lost on March 7th 2018

Once you have completed a re-tune most TVs will work normally again and normal TV reception should be resumed! I use the word "should" as today I've found that there has been some anomalies as I've been inundated with calls from people who have gone through the TV tuning process only to find that not all TV channels have returned and in some cases still no TV reception at all.

If after having tried an automatic re-tune of your TV or recording box and you are still unable to receive normal TV pictures then please give me a call.

At the moment it's difficult to give too much useful advice and infomation over the phone as to the possible causes and reasons why some continue to experience poor TV reception even after an auto re-tune has been completed.

This is often complicated by the amount of variables regarding each individual TV setup, especially when you take into consideration factors such as the properties location relative to the TV transmitter, age of the TV Aerial and any boosters or amplifiers that may be present etc.

For the time being, and until the dust settles I am ONLY available throughout the day on my mobile number. I will offer as much advice as possible (bearing in mind what I've written above) over the phone but you may require a home visit to resolve any on going reception issues you may have.

Jeremy - 075210 46629