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I've just arrived back from a holiday to find more than 30 voice mail messages on my office phone. Most of the calls are from people that have either lost reception completely or are at least have been experiencing TV picture break up over the past week.

Looking back at the weather over the past few days while I have been away would suggest that the High Pressure or anti-cyclone that has been and still is positioned over Scandinavia / Central Europe would be responsible for some but not all of the messages that I've received.

When we are lucky enough to have a dry and settled period of weather and a anti-cyclone positions it's self in this part of Europe we almost always experience poor TV reception from the Ledbury transmitter in and around Droitwich / Worcestershire.

As I wrote earlier, not all of my messages can be attributed to this weather related problem as I have been able to identify that some people have had similar problems even though their TV Aerial is pointing elsewhere other than the Ledbury (Ridge hill) transmitter.

In the area that I cover it's normally only the Ledbury transmitter that suffers with this signal / weather related type of problem.

I am now aware that the main transmitter at Sutton Coldfield is under repair and a service call I made out to a customer today has confirmed this.

While the good weather persists (until Christmas I hope!) and or the work continues on Sutton Coldfield transmitter, please, please DO NOT try to re-tune your TV. Doing this will often only make the situation worse and is unlikely to cure anything.

I am always willing to give free advice over the phone as to what to do to improve reception.

Please call me on my mobile number for the latest information. If you're short of minutes, credit or you're using an expensive landline to call me then just ask for a return call and I am more than happy to call you back.

Jeremy - 07850 969 307 8am to 8pm - 7 days