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I've had several calls over the past week from people experiencing TV reception problems in and around the Blanquettes Estate in Worcester.

I believe the reception issues I've seen so far have been caused by a mobile phone mast located nearby on the Gregory's Mill Industrial Estate.

Most households in the area have their TV Aerials directed towards the Malvern transmitter. This transmitter is very susceptible to interference from mobile phone masts as the masts frequencies are very close to the TV signals emitted by the Malvern TV transmitter.

When 4G data is sent and received via these mobile phone masts interference can be expected in a range of up to a mile radius from the mast.

An additional problem for many around Blanquettes is that many TV Aerials have TV amplifiers fitted in line or somewhere in the TV Aerial system, these amplifiers having been fitted in large numbers over the years as this part of Worcester was notorious for being a poor TV reception area.

Generally TV reception is not affected if there is not a TV amplifier connected to the TV Aerial / mast, at the back of the TV or in the loft but this changes dramatically once an amplifier is used to boost poor TV reception.

One thing always worth a try before any calls are made is to disconnect the Aerial coax lead that enters the amplifier and put this direct into the back of the TV, of course this is only possible if the amplifier is close to the TV, also if you have easy access into your loft and you know a TV amplifier is up there, try coupling the the incoming TV coax cable from the Aerial on to the cable going down to your TV.

I often find that it's now possible to bypass TV amplifiers altogether as the Digital TV signals being received are much stronger than the old analogue ones and it was for those old weaker signals that so many amplifiers were fitted.

If you suspect that you may be suffering with 4G interference please don't hesitate to contact me on my usual numbers for further advise or call At 800 directly, if At 800 identify that you do indeed have a 4G interference they will either send you a filter in the post or an engineer who will arrive in a van normally within a day or two.