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It was while visiting a Bromsgrove resident who had been complaining about their poor TV reception this week that my memory was jogged, remembering that we must be close to the anniversary date of the great flood which had a devastating impact in Droitwich.

Although we've not experienced the huge quantity of rain in such a short period of time as we did 12 years ago, this particular Spring and Summer, so far have produced more than average rainfall so consequently I'm seeing more rain water related faults than normal.

What is also a little unusual about this year is that sunshine has often been accompanied with some unusually high, early summer temperatures.

This all being a good recipe for making outdoor TV coax cables split and crack allowing rainwater easy entry into the coax cable.

Sometimes (as in this case in Bromsgrove) the coax cable runs down from a TV Aerial to a wall plate, it was obvious from the accumulation of rust on the back of this plate that water had been flowing down the coax for a considerable length of time.

Although the end result is the same, water that's dripping into the back of a wall plate takes much longer before any reception problem will arise and overall usually does much less damage than a coax cable that is connected directly to a TV or Digital recording box.

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