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​As of today Tuesday the 14th of June 2016, almost two weeks since work was carried out to upgrade the Bromsgrove transmitter there appears to be no end in sight or hope that standard definition BBC will return to the TVs affected by the current reception problem.

I again called the BBC TV / Radio investigation service this morning to check on any progress they may have made in identifying the fault but as in the previous calls I've made (See below) the person I spoke to informed me that there was no fault with BBC transmissions from Bromsgrove.

As I'm still receiving many telephone calls, text messages as well as messages here on my website regarding this problem I am acutely aware that this problem still persists and is affecting many hundreds or even thousands of TVs throughout Worcestershire.

Interestingly, I am now increasingly aware of a pattern that is emerging, when I call out to homes that have lost their BBC channels almost all of them have something wrong with their Aerial system, when I've been able to identify these, often small faults and correct them the BBC then returns to the TV.
To see two examples click HERE and scroll down to "Installer Fault 16" and or "DIY Fault 4"

Of course this still doesn't answer the question as to why this should happen now when everything was fine up until a couple of weeks ago and also why none of the other channels are affected but I guess that if any BBC engineer was to pay a visit to any of the homes I've been into over the last two weeks they could possibly point to the small faults that I've found, correct them and say "Look Mr Smith there is nothing wrong with the BBC transmission from Bromsgrove" and at that point with BBC One working perfectly on the TV in front of you, you'd have to agree.

Despite what I have written above I would strongly urge anyone reading this who is still having trouble receiving the BBC to log your complaint with the BBC TV & Radio investigation service, their number is - 0370 901 6789

In the meantime if the thought of missing another episode of Eastenders or much much worse a match from Euro 2016 etc then please give me a call, if I do then call out to you and I'm still unable to get you your BBC channels back I make NO charge what so ever.

Remember that if you have a HD TV then you should be watching all football matches and even Eastenders on the HD channels which are unaffected by the current problem. BBC One = 101, BBC Two = 102 etc.

Note - Midlands Today is not yet available on BBC One HD.

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