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At around 3 pm this afternoon I received a call from the Sony Centre in the Shambles, Worcester. The call came from the shop manager Clive Brown.

Clive asked me if I could take a look at their TV Aerial system as they were currently with out any terrestrial TV pictures on any of the shops TVs.

At the time of the call I was working on a roof in Droitwich and with still another customer to get to before I was to finish I was a little worried that I might not be able to make it to the shop before their closing time of 5.30 pm so I asked Clive what time vehicles were allowed into the Shambles as being able to park outside could make the difference between a fix to the problem or not on the day.

I arrived at the Sony Centre at 4.45 pm but with just 45 mins to go before the shop was to close I was again a little worried that I may not get the problem resolved in time.

Loosing TV pictures earlier in the day Clive Brown and his staff had wasted no time in exposing all of the TV / Satellite distribution amplifiers which were hidden behind the shops display panelling in an attempt to find the source of the problem.
Unfortunately all seemed to be working fine, with the LED lights lit on all of the different pieces of equipment with no obvious sign of malfunction.

With my spectrum analyser in hand I got to work checking that the amplifiers were working and although they were I did notice that the output reading at the final stage amplifier sockets produced an unusually high signal in an area of the spectrum which is now being used for mobile phone communication.

I'm not normally one to blow my own trumpet (too often!) but on this occasion I think it's worth a blow as not only did I diagnose the fault within 5 mins of my arrival I was able to supply and install the appropriate 4G mobile phone filter at the base of the huge TV Aerial mast on the roof of the Sony Centre which in turn immediately restored TV pictures to the dozens of Sony TVs throughout the shop, and all within 30 mins of my arrival!

Leaving the Shambles and a very satisfied Sony shop manager at 5,20 pm I was still able to get to my last customer of the day.

Although I can't promise to rectify everyone's TV reception fault quite as quick as I did here I will always prioritise a cry for help from anyone who suffers a total loss of TV reception, which almost always means that I'm able to arrive on the same day.