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Walking around the corner of a path that led up to my customers home last Thursday it quickly became clear as to why they had called me in to help restore their TV pictures.

Although my customer had noticed the Mast Head Amplifier (MHA) box was dangling from the pole he had not realised the consequences of it being this way up and was not sure that the lack of TV pictures on their TV's was a direct result of this MHAs orientation.

If you have a MHA or any similar looking box for that matter that is attached to a TV Aerial pole and you notice that it's come away from the pole (as seen in my pic above) don't delay in calling me or any reputable TV Aerial installer (if you are reading this from outside my coverage area) as it's guaranteed that in a very short space of time the cost for putting it right will probably double!

This is a very common fault which I often only see once the cost of putting it right has gone beyond just getting up on to the roof to turn and secure it the right way up.

Over the years the plastic cable tie that secures the MHA to the pole becomes brittle with the constant UV light that's emitted by the sun, once the cable tie breaks it allows the MHA to drop forward allowing (more often than not) rain water to enter. The plastic housing which once kept all the electronic components dry now acts as a reservoir, often allowing the components to be partially or completely submerged.

On some callouts I have managed to save a few amplifiers as well as many other types of TV Aerial equipment that are also housed in this type of box but once the electronics have been swimming in water for more than a few days it's usually only their replacement that will restore TV pictures.

So in short, if you notice a box like the one in my pic above has fallen / come away from the pole don't delay in doing something about it.