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I was called out to Littleworth near Worcester yesterday by a customer who was complaining of a loss of channels on their SKY.

They told me over the phone before my arrival that they were sure that the picture breakup as well as loss of channels on their SKY TV was due to a bird nesting at the back of the Dish.

Although I have noticed pigeon and doves nests in this position before this was the first time I had been called out to a sitting / nesting bird.

As I walked down my customers drive I immediately noticed the dish and resident Collared dove on the side wall of the property, breathing a sigh of relief I was sure that what ever the cause of the problem, this Collared dove was not going to be to blame.

As always, I stood directly underneath the dish, then using the LNB arm that protrudes out from the dish I followed an imaginary line in the direction of the Astra satellite to see what might be blocking the dishes view.

In this case it was part of a very large hawthorn tree / hedge barely 3 meters in front of the dish, I guess with all of the rain we have been having recently it's put a bit of a spurt on over the past few weeks. Anyway this particular problem was easily solved after just 5 minutes of pruning the SKY pictures were restored to their full glory and the Collared dove was left in peace to continue rearing it's brood of two.