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Over the past few days I have been inundated with cries of help from people who have lost their TV pictures, many of which can be attributed to the strong winds that have recently been battering the UK.

It was while I was on a roof in Winslow Ave, Droitwich today repairing a storm damaged Aerial that I received one such call.

Finding my website during a Google search the gentleman informed me that he lived in Elmbridge and that he'd had a new Digital TV Aerial installed only 10 days before by another TV Aerial installer but now he was unable to watch all of the ITV channels and other channels were also breaking up or missing. He also informed me that he had telephoned the original installer but the installer was now too busy and it would be a while before he would be able to return to fix the problem.

As this gentleman was without some of the main TV channels I did give him the option of a service call the following day (Saturday 21st Nov) but despite my precairous position (all be it with a beautiful view over the North end of Droitwich) I allowed him to continue and describe the problem and equipment he had, following a 5 minute conversation I was able to reassure him that if he were to follow my advice I would be confident that there would be a 80 to 90% chance that he could completely resolve the problem himself.

Click HERE and scroll down to see the Thank You email from Mark in Elmbridge.