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The following News item is taken from my Cowboys and Bodgers gallery.

Location - Clayhall Road, Droitwich

Complaint - Although I was initially called to improve the poor TV reception that this customer was experiencing I noticed the precarious and dangerous way this TV Aerial had been installed, right above a back-door access.

Fault - Some unscrupulous TV Aerial man had recently made a visit to this property and I guess to maximise his profit and minimise his time he gave no consideration as to where he placed the heavy / high gain Aerial or how it was fixed. He only changed the Aerial itself and placed it on the top of an existing rusting pole which was in turn attached to a totally inadequate bracket mounted poorly on a facia board. At any time during a storm this had a high probability of coming down with possible disastrous consequences.

Remedy - Take everything down and replace with a wall mounted, 18 inch galvanised
T & K bracket, an inch and a half steel pole and re use and realign existing TV Aerial.