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Over the past week or two I have noticed an increase in calls from customers complaining of poor or non-existent TV reception of BBC channels.

On arrival at customers properties the TV's all seem to show a significant drop in signal level and signal quality in comparison to other non BBC channels/multiplex's.

All properties I've visited so far have all had their TV Aerial orientated towards the Malvern transmitter and have been using multiplex 41 to receive BBC.

Should you have a problem with reception of only the BBC channels then there is a good chance that your TV Aerial is pointed towards Malvern.

As of today (Thursday 11th October) there is no official reason as to why this should occur or indeed as to how long it may last but if you are experiencing difficulty in receiving BBC I have found that by making small adjustments to either the TV Aerial/TV amplifier or the coax cables connecting the Aerial to the TV/s I've been able to restore BBC reception, every time.

In the meantime I will monitor the ongoing reception problem and will post an update here on my website once I have more information or the problem gets resolved.