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There is currently an ongoing transmission / reception issue with the channels I've listed below. These channels all use the same individual frequency of 490.0 MHz
or Multiplex 23, so if you are missing one of these channels you'll be missing them all. The fault first appeared around Tuesday August 6th.

3 - ITV
4 - Channel 4
5 - Channel 5
6 - ITV2
10 - ITV3
13 - E4
14 - Film4
15 - Channel 4 +1
18 - More4
24 - ITV4
33 - ITV +1
45 - Film4 +1

There are three transmitters that transmit into our part of Worcestershire that use this multiplex, transmitters at Bromsgrove, Lark Stoke and Wrekin all use MUX 23.

Having recently carried out some tests regarding this fault it would seem that it's TV Aerials which are either pointed towards the vertically polarized transmitters of Lark Stoke near Stratford or the Bromsgrove transmitter at Worms Ash which are affected, the Wrekin transmitter near Telford which is horizontally polarized appears to be unaffected and working normally.

I can't be certain but I have a feeling that this problem may be a transmitter synchronization fault between the 2 transmitters I've mentioned above, in which case I would expect / hope the fault to be fixed over the coming next few days.

In the meantime, if you have a High Definition TV or a HD receiving / recording device, such as a Talk Talk or BT box etc you should be able to watch ITV, CH4 and CH5 in HD on channel numbers 103, 104 and 105.

As always, in a situation like this and especially following a sudden loss of TV channels / pictures you should NEVER attempt to re-tune your TV.

If you've been unable to resist and have succumb to the temptation to hit the auto re-tune button on your remote in the hope of restoring the lost channels then the result will be 1 of 4 possible outcomes. I've listed below the possible results with the most likely first.

1 - The TV's memory of where on the TV band this multiplex is located will now be lost and your TV will now no longer display any of the 12 channel numbers, so, as and when the fault is finally rectified your TV will be oblivious to the fact.

2 - The TV's tuner will lock onto a transmitter that is not affected by the current fault and possibly store / memorise a multiplex with the missing channels, unfortunately it's almost certain that this signal is going to be very weak as your TV Aerial will not be pointing at this transmitter. The result being a picture that is constantly pixelating and breaking up.......possibly more frustrating than having nothing at all!

3 - As the TV goes through it's tuning cycle there is a chance that you will not only wipe the TVs memory of the channels you're trying to restore but also other multiplexes / groups of channels too, i.e all of the BBC channels.

4 - By pure luck, as you start the tuning sequence with remote control in hand, miraculously, and at that very moment the transmitter fault is rectified and everything is back to normal with all the missing channels restored..........This is EXTREMELY unlikely to happen but I guess it's all you can possibly hope for once the auto-tune button is pushed as the other 3 results are much, much more likely!

Regardless as to whether you have tried tuning your TV or not, as soon as the problem is resolved I will post that information here.