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I've been made aware of a fault affecting signals/channels coming from the Bromsgrove transmitter.

If you are missing the following channels then you may also be suffering from the same fault.

Something worth noting, unlike in the analogue days of TV transmission when just one frequency carried only one TV channel, with the advent of Digital TV that same one frequency can now contain as many as 40 or more TV channels, so if you notice that you are missing one or some of the channels below you will in fact be missing them all.

Bare in mind the contrary is also correct, if you have just one of the channels I've listed below you will also have them all, that said, just very occasionally you may need to re-tune your TV to be fully up to date.

16 - QVC
20 - Drama
21 - 5USA
27 - ITV2 +1
30 - 5STAR
34 - ITV3 +1
37 - Quest
44 - Channel 5 +1
54 - Paramount Network
55 - 5SELECT
58 - ITVBe +1
59 - ITV4 +1
63 - Blaze
66 - CBS Reality
70 - Horror Channel
76 - Quest +1
77 - TCC
80 - Blaze +1
85 - Hochanda
87 - Keep It Country
211- Ketchup

The Following Radio / Adult channels etc are also affected -
252 - Kiss Chat & Date
253 - Proud Dating
261 - Racing UK
263 - SonLife
264 - VisionTV
265 - Planet Knowledge
269 - Arise News
270 - Loveworld
271 - Juwelo UK
670 - ADULT Section
671 - Television X
678 - ADULT Xpanded TV
679 - ADULT Studio 66
724 - Capital FM London
727 - Absolute Radio
728 - Heart

As yet I'm not absolutely sure as to the exact cause of this fault but I have an idea that it could possibly be due to a synchronisation issue with another transmitter.

Not everyone on the Bromsgrove transmitter is affected as I'm finding that it's the roof top TV Aerials which have an open aspect looking East towards the Lark Stoke transmitter near Stratford on Avon which is where I mostly observe this particular fault.

Both the Bromsgrove and the Lark Stoke transmitters use the same 6 frequencies or multiplexes. All of the channels I've listed above are broadcast on the same multiplex (multiplex 33) I have an idea that it may be a timing / synchronisation issue which is the cause of the missing channels.

On the other hand we are currently under the influence of a large anticyclone (High atmospheric pressure) and although it certainly won't help with a possible sync issue (if that is the fault) there is just a small chance that it could just be the sole cause of the channel loss, although at this stage I think it unlikely to be a weather related fault.

Clicking on my image above displays this quite unique fault as it clearly shows that there is more than sufficient signal strength and quality but also an unusual error reading of 999.

Should the problem persist for any length of time or you find, for what ever reason that you're unable to endure the loss of you're favourite TV channel any longer I have found a relative inexpensive solution to the problem.

Please give me a call for further advice - 075210 46629

In the meantime I will make attempts to find the cause of this fault and any results I'll post here in my news section.