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I received a call from the store manager of Cash Converters in Pump street, Worcester this morning and I have an idea that he may have read my news item below regarding the Sony Shop as he informed me that he had lost pictures on all TVs and thought it could be 4G mobile phone mast interference.

Although the new city centre 4G masts went live over 3 weeks ago I guessed there was a good possibility that this could indeed be 4G despite the late call especially when the store manager informed me that he had just come back from a couple of weeks holiday and no other staff member had taken responsibility to get the problem resolved.

To have TVs which are fore sale displaying a good picture is pretty important for any shop but I think it was the prospect of missing more of the Olympic games that prompted the call to me this morning.

I arrived just after lunch, made the usual checks to confirm 4G and then proceeded to the roof and on to the Aerial mast, within 30 mins or so all the TVs started springing back into life.....another satisfied customer!

While on the roof of Cash Converters I was able to have a look around to see if I could find the offending mobile phone masts and although I can't be certain I think they are on top of the building which used to belong to Jessops, Marmion House in the High street.

I've marked them with red arrows in my images below.