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Over recent months and especially since the first lockdown I've been receiving an unusually high number of calls requesting help from people who have lost reception and all TV channels.

Sometimes, I'm finding that people are convinced that the problem is a major one requiring a new TV Aerial or Satellite dish so they do nothing but sit and wait for my visit.

On arrival I've often noticed a symbol or message displayed on the TV screen that immediately indicates the problem has been self inflicted.

Accidentally pushing the wrong button on a remote control is very easily done without you knowing you've done it.

Some of the most common, accidentally pushed buttons are at the top of many remote controls. I would guess these buttons having been accidentally pushed while feeling for the OFF button which is almost always placed at the top of the remote controls and often alongside buttons that should NOT be selected.

A frequent button accidentally hit is a button marked "Source" this is often found towards the top of many remotes, sometimes the source button is marked just by a symbol, usually in the shape of a rectangle with an arrow pointing into it.

Another button accidentally hit or sometimes selected as an option in the TVs menu, is the Digital / Analogue switch. Unless you have a SKY HD system which feeds SKY into secondary rooms OR you have an older type camera system (CCTV) we don't really use the analogue side of a TVs tuner anymore so you generally need to make sure the TV is receiving Digital TV signals and not Analogue.

Sony as well as other makes have a dedicated button marked "Digital / Analogue" .
On many Sony remotes this button is often found towards the top of the remote. This button is very easily, accidentally pushed.
In this case look for an "A" at the top of a blacked out TV screen when you try to change channel, push this button again and the "A" will revert back to a "D" and TV pictures should be restored.

Should you suddenly loose TV pictures immediately after pushing a button then don't panic, if you call me I'm will often be able to talk you through the sequence to restore your TV pictures.