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​A new 4G mobile phone mast fired up around 6pm yesterday evening (Thursday 26th of November)

The mast which is situated on the CHM2 building at the top of London Road in Worcester immediately obliterated terrestrial Digital TV reception for dozens of homes within the surrounding area.

I have personally worked extensively in this area over the years and especially so during my training 25 years ago, so I'm very aware that many homes in this area have amplifiers fitted to their TV Aerial masts.

These Masthead amplifiers were fitted in large numbers during the 1980s and 1990s to improve poor TV reception from either the weak local transmitter at Malvern or the distant TV transmitter at Sutton Coldfield.

Since 2011 and the upgrading of the TV transmitter at Malvern these amplifiers are now often seen to be producing too much signal and although this on it's own often causes little or no problems it's when extra, high power 4G signals are received via the TV Aerial and then fed into these amplifiers that the trouble starts.

I believe that many homes in the area have already received cards through the post explaining that interference to their TV reception from 4G transmissions may happen in the near future.

These cards carry all the information you need to enable you to make contact with the government funded body called "at800" They look after any issues arising from 4G transmissions / TV interference.

I have previously published the contact telephone number of at800 here in my news blogs but just in case you can't find it here it is again

0808 1313 800
Or for further advice please don't hesitate to contact me on my usual mobile number - 07850 969 307 during the day or my home number - 01905 799152 between 7 and 8 in the evening.

In my image above you can clearly see this 4G mobile phone mast which was a few hundred meters away from where I was working. The Malvern TV transmitter is situated on the side of the hill above Link top in Malvern, directly behind and in line of the 4G mast. By pure coincidence another TV Aerial installer can be seen working on a roof top in Hillery Road, no doubt fixing the same problem!