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Sunday the 11th of January 2015 saw the switch on of the new 4G mobile phone services from a mast in Droitwich. An established mobile phone mast has recently been upgraded to include 4G transmissions. The mast is located just off the junction of George Bayliss road and the Kidderminster road, near DFS and Homebase.

Although this is great news for mobile phone users it's bad news for many homes located in and around Honeymans gardens and the Ledwych road areas of the town.

At around 2pm Sunday the 11th of January the new 4G signals got airborne delivering powerful signals just above the TV broadcast frequencies.

Some TV's will not be affected but many TV's that have pre-amplifiers/boosters connected to the Aerial system will now either display a pixilated picture or no picture at all.

Prior to the digital switchover in November 2011 the two locations I mention above were often seen as poor TV reception areas with regards to obtaining a good TV signal. Consequently there are more pre-amplifiers in these areas than many other locations around Droitwich.

Many, but not all modern day amplifiers/boosters have built in filtering components to filter out the unwanted 4G signals, but as the two housing developments are now well established it is unlikely any of these amplifiers are currently being used meaning that most will be unmodified older types which are susceptible to interference from the close proximity of the 4G mast.

Making some enquiries today (Monday 12th January 2015) I've been informed that there is a freephone telephone number you can call if you think you are affected by 4G interference.

The freephone number from a landline is - 0808 1313 800.

In the mean time, if you live in Droitwich but don't live in and around the Ledwych road or Honeymans gardens areas of the town it is unlikely that any loss of TV reception or indeed poor TV reception could be attributed to 4G.

If you are unsure as to the cause of your poor TV reception or lack of some TV channels you are more than welcome to call me for help and advice.

Mobile - 7850 969 307. Home 01905 799 152