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I was recently called out by a lady in Crowle who was complaining about the loss of TV channels, although she did know her TV Aerial had taken a tumble what she didn't realise was that as it came down it hit one of her solar panels.

I'm guessing the the cost of replacing the TV Aerial and pole was considerably less than the replacement of the solar panel!

So my advice is, if you have solar panels and your TV Aerial is within reaching distance of those panels should it come down and you know your Aerial/Aerial pole is more than 30 years old then prevention is going to be cheaper than the cure.

I'm always willing, at minimal cost to get up to an Aerial and assess the condition of the Pole, Bracketery & Aerial, before, during or after the installation of Solar Panels.

Interestingly, I can age this particular TV Aerial and it's installation by the make and design of the Aerial used at around 45 to 50 years old, so this is as about as old as they ever get before gravity takes over. Ideally it should have been replaced when the Solar Panels were fitted a few years before the Aerial took a tumble.

As a very general rule of thumb, a good quality TV Aerial and it's correct installation should last in excess of 30 years but I am aware of one or two local, unscrupulous TV Aerial installers who will often only replace the Aerial head itself, leaving a rusty pole or rusty steel lashing to fail at the next strong gust of wind.

Placing a new TV Aerial on top of a rusty old pole which in turn is then often attached to old and rusty bracketry is only asking for trouble.

It's extremely rare for an Aerial to detach from from a pole and if it does the coax cable will usually prevent it from reaching the roof, 99% of the time it's the pole or bracketry that will fail first.

I note for whatever reasons my website is now getting seen by many people far and wide from all over the UK who are obviously not within my working / coverage area so if I'm not able to install you a shiny new TV Aerial just make sure before you pay the TV Aerial man that it's also attached to a shiny new pole and bracket too!
Over the past few weeks I have been called out by a dozen or so customers who have all complained about the sudden loss of channels and a few who had lost all their TV channels.

One thing in common for all of them was that the TV Aerials were all pointing towards the Ledbury transmitter.

This particular transmitter is officially known as "Ridge Hill" but it's often referred to as the Ledbury transmitter as it's located not too far from the town of Ledbury.

Although, as far as I'm aware and with my research to date I have found nothing to indicate that the transmitter has problems or even the possibility that some Multiplex's / channels may be on reduced power but one thing is for sure, the received signals from this transmitter in Droitwich, the west side of Worcester and the Stoke Heath / South side of Bromsgrove have shown a significant drop in power and quality since the beginning of March 2018.

Should you currently have ongoing reception problems there is a chance that this transmitter could be the reason.

First of all you should try and identify which transmitter your TV Aerial is pointing at. If you're in or near any of the locations I've described above and your TV Aerial is pointing roughly in a Southerly or South Westerly direction and VERY importantly it has its elements horizontal as opposed to being vertical (Click on my image to see the difference) then there's a good chance your reception is being affected by the poor signal quality coming from this transmitter,

One good thing to come out of the major work which was carried out on many TV transmitters in the Midlands at the beginning of March this year was that some now have an (observed) increase in signal strength and quality which often means that should you have your TV Aerial be pointing towards the Ledbury transmitter there is almost certainly going to be the option of finding a better signal just by re-directing the Aerial onto a more powerful transmitter.

Should you have any reception difficulties related to Ledbury or any other transmitter then please don't hesitate to give me a call.

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