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From Wednesday 31st of October 2018 onward there is a very good chance that you may have the words "Weak or No Signal" displayed on your TV screen, if your TV Aerial is pointed towards the Kidderminster transmitter, sometimes referred to locally as the Birchen Coppice transmitter.

This TV Transmitter sits up on a hill to the West of the Kidderminster to Stourport dual carriageway.

Frequency re-allocation work to move all of the existing TV channels in their individual blocks (Multiplex's) to lower frequencies on the ever shrinking TV band has been planned for sometime. The reason for moving the TV frequencies is to make way for new mobile phone services coming in 2020.

The work is likely to be completed in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but could possibly take place at any time during this coming Wednesday.

If you scroll down below this News item you will notice that I have often, strongly advised against the re-tune of TVs if reception is lost.

Well of course, on this rare occasion the only way to restore TV reception is to actually re-tune your TV. So my advice this time is to Auto Re-tune your TV, IF you loose TV reception on Wednesday 31st of October 2018 and you have a good idea that your TV Aerial could point towards the Kidderminster TV transmitter.

Once you have completed a re-tune your TV should work normally again and normal TV reception should be resumed! I use the word "should" as some people may find that a re-tune will not restore all of the channels and even if it does there is still a chance the reception of those channels could be poor.

Many homes still have the old Narrow Band TV Aerials (Analogue TV Aerials) pointing towards this transmitter and have not ever needed an upgrade to a Wide Band (Digital TV Aerial) to receive all of the channels..

These older TV Aerials have worked fine over the years because the frequencies they were designed to receive were, by luck, within the range of the digital frequencies being transmitted.

From Wednesday onward some of these older Narrow Band TV Aerials may struggle to efficiently receive the new allocated lower frequencies, especially those who are towards the outer limits of the transmitting range of this transmitter.

If you find that after re-tuning your TV or recording box you are still unable to receive normal TV pictures then please give me a call.

Jeremy - 075210 46629

As of today (Friday 19th October 2018) there is a strong likelihood that TV reception problems may be experienced by some who have their TV Aerial pointed towards the Ridge Hill transmitter near Ledbury.

This transmitter serves large parts of Worcestershire and is occasionally susceptible to interference from other TV transmitters when certain weather conditions prevail, causing picture breakup or in some cases, total loss of TV reception.

Looking at the current weather / atmospheric pressure readings today would suggest that this interference is caused by the current High Atmospheric Pressure which is currently centred over the southern half of the UK.

Weather forecasting and predictions strongly indicate that this High Pressure may persist until the middle or end of next week.

While this current spell of cool but settled weather persists there is one very important thing to remember, if, at at any time, now or in the future you ever experience pixelation / breakup or a sudden loss of TV channels....


Many people, now know how to access the "Auto re-tune" in their TVs setup menu, unfortunately I'm often finding that customers use this new found knowledge as a "cure all" for any problems that may arise.

Re-tuning a TV during periods of poor reception or loss of picture will usually only delete the TVs memory of frequencies / channels which were originally saved from the transmitter that your TV Aerial is pointing at, creating a bigger problem, often meaning that you will be without TV pictures for much, much longer than people who didn't re-tune their TV.

With the exception of an on screen message suggesting a re-tune is necessary or advise from someone like myself or TV retail shop etc, a willy-nilly re-tune of a TV in the hope that it will restore the channels should be avoided and is almost always counter productive.

The on-screen message "Weak or no signal" which sometimes appears on a TV screen while experiencing poor reception is NEVER an invitation to re-tune the TV!

For a permanent solution to this weather related problem please scroll down to my News Item, dated 09/05/18 and titled "Poor reception from the Ledbury / Ridge Hill transmitter"
Over the past week or two I have noticed an increase in calls from customers complaining of poor or non-existent TV reception of BBC channels.

On arrival at customers properties the TV's all seem to show a significant drop in signal level and signal quality in comparison to other non BBC channels/multiplex's.

All properties I've visited so far have all had their TV Aerial orientated towards the Malvern transmitter and have been using multiplex 41 to receive BBC.

Should you have a problem with reception of only the BBC channels then there is a good chance that your TV Aerial is pointed towards Malvern.

As of today (Thursday 11th October) there is no official reason as to why this should occur or indeed as to how long it may last but if you are experiencing difficulty in receiving BBC I have found that by making small adjustments to either the TV Aerial/TV amplifier or the coax cables connecting the Aerial to the TV/s I've been able to restore BBC reception, every time.

In the meantime I will monitor the ongoing reception problem and will post an update here on my website once I have more information or the problem gets resolved.
​​​​Over the years I've been called out a few times by people who are convinced that the nesting Collared Dove is the reason for their loss of SKY TV pictures.

Although I can easily understand how there may be a possible split second interruption to viewing should the dove fly in front of the dish as it moves back and forth to it's nest, but a sitting dove at the back of the dish, as seen in my photo should have no detrimental impact on TV/SKY reception.

As in this example in Wychbold recently, the doves family home was NOT the cause of the "No TV signal being received" displayed on my customers TV

Click on image to enlarge..
I was recently called out by a lady in Crowle who was complaining about the loss of TV channels, although she did know her TV Aerial had taken a tumble what she didn't realise was that as it came down it hit one of her solar panels.

I'm guessing the the cost of replacing the TV Aerial and pole was considerably less than the replacement of the solar panel!

So my advice is, if you have solar panels and your TV Aerial is within reaching distance of those panels should it come down and you know your Aerial/Aerial pole is more than 30 years old then prevention is going to be cheaper than the cure.

I'm always willing, at minimal cost to get up to an Aerial and assess the condition of the Pole, Bracketery & Aerial, before, during or after the installation of Solar Panels.

Interestingly, I can age this particular TV Aerial and it's installation by the make and design of the Aerial used at around 45 to 50 years old, so this is as about as old as they ever get before gravity takes over. Ideally it should have been replaced when the Solar Panels were fitted a few years before the Aerial took a tumble.

As a very general rule of thumb, a good quality TV Aerial and it's correct installation should last in excess of 30 years but I am aware of one or two local, unscrupulous TV Aerial installers who will often only replace the Aerial head itself, leaving a rusty pole or rusty steel lashing to fail at the next strong gust of wind.

Placing a new TV Aerial on top of a rusty old pole which in turn is then often attached to old and rusty bracketry is only asking for trouble.

It's extremely rare for an Aerial to detach from from a pole and if it does the coax cable will usually prevent it from reaching the roof, 99% of the time it's the pole or bracketry that will fail first.

I note for whatever reasons my website is now getting seen by many people far and wide from all over the UK who are obviously not within my working / coverage area so if I'm not able to install you a shiny new TV Aerial just make sure before you pay the TV Aerial man that it's also attached to a shiny new pole and bracket too!
Over the past few weeks I have been called out by a dozen or so customers who have all complained about the sudden loss of channels and a few who had lost all their TV channels.

One thing in common for all of them was that the TV Aerials were all pointing towards the Ledbury transmitter.

This particular transmitter is officially known as "Ridge Hill" but it's often referred to as the Ledbury transmitter as it's located not too far from the town of Ledbury.

Although, as far as I'm aware and with my research to date I have found nothing to indicate that the transmitter has problems or even the possibility that some Multiplex's / channels may be on reduced power but one thing is for sure, the received signals from this transmitter in Droitwich, the west side of Worcester and the Stoke Heath / South side of Bromsgrove have shown a significant drop in power and quality since the beginning of March 2018.

Should you currently have ongoing reception problems there is a chance that this transmitter could be the reason.

First of all you should try and identify which transmitter your TV Aerial is pointing at. If you're in or near any of the locations I've described above and your TV Aerial is pointing roughly in a Southerly or South Westerly direction and VERY importantly it has its elements horizontal as opposed to being vertical (Click on my image to see the difference) then there's a good chance your reception is being affected by the poor signal quality coming from this transmitter,

One good thing to come out of the major work which was carried out on many TV transmitters in the Midlands at the beginning of March this year was that some now have an (observed) increase in signal strength and quality which often means that should you have your TV Aerial be pointing towards the Ledbury transmitter there is almost certainly going to be the option of finding a better signal just by re-directing the Aerial onto a more powerful transmitter.

Should you have any reception difficulties related to Ledbury or any other transmitter then please don't hesitate to give me a call.

I'm available 7 days per week from 8am through to 8pm.

Jeremy 075210 46629
Further to the recent telephone conversations, your feedback and the concerns raised are much appreciated. Your professional approach and commitment to your customers is great to see.

We take the same approach in managing the at800 programme which we’ve successfully ran since it began in 2013. On this occasion we can confirm that there was an isolated failure when the mobile mast local to your business and nearby customers in the WR9 8AN postcode area was left activated after testing.

After the Mobile Network Operators’ (MNO) engineers undertook mast configuration work and short-term testing they should then have deactivated the site before notifying their management that it was ready for commercial launch.

The MNO would then usually notify at800 of the readiness and proposed launch date. This allows us to initiate viewer communications and to update our contact centre information systems. On this occasion, due to their contractors’ error, the MNO was not aware that the site had been left active.
Consequently, our call centre agent had no visibility of the mast or its premature activation.

This and Freeview’s own 700MHz Clearance changes being in play at the time compounded the confusion and your frustrating experience.

With your helpful support, we were able to notify the MNO who immediately organised a short-term mast lock-down pending usual routines being restored.
This interim measure would mean that local Freeview viewers would find normal viewing restored. This anticipates that they, or through your services, had made successful retunes or system changes for the 7 March 700MHz Clearance events in the area.

As encouraged by yourself, a number of customers have contacted us and we’ve supported these people by sending filters or arranging engineer visits.
We are keen to provide support for those you reference on your site in the WR9 8AN area that have any 4G related interference.

We remain ready to proactively contact those that you can provide supporting details for. Of course, you should also continue to encourage anyone who anticipates a possible impact from 4G to contact us on 0808 13 13 800. Calls from UK landlines and mobiles are free.

Finally, please be aware that our independent work is governed by the 4G/TV Co-existence Oversight Board which reports to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Ofcom.

There is more information available at
Thanks to the perseverance an instance of many of my customers, AT800 are now prepared to send out engineers with filters capable of restoring TV, some lucky ones in time for Easter but others sadly not.

Many thanks to all who contacted me who then in turn called worked!

Please read my news item below.
A recently installed mobile phone mast located behind the ESSO Garage at Witton, Droitwich has caused dozens of households in the area to lose their TV reception.

The mast which had been installed a couple of Sundays ago for and behalf of Vodafone has caused unnecessary loss of viewing for many when it was activated on the afternoon of Tuesday 27th of March.

The normal procedure would be for the organisation who is responsible for sorting out any 4G interference which can be caused by these masts, is to send postcards to households that maybe affected within the local area, normally 2 weeks in advance of the mast being activated. The simple, A5 sized card informs householders that there may be a chance of TV interference in the near future and if interference is experienced you should call at800 who will then send filters as a first response to requests for support. This is expected to solve most issues but, if a viewer needs a visit from an engineer, at800 will provide free visits for households that rely on Freeview for TV.

Unfortunately it looks like normal procedure hasn't been followed this time as I've had over 20 calls today from irate people all within this mobile phone masts catchment area complaining of poor reception or no reception at all and not one of them having received the information card.

What makes this whole situation much worse is that when I have called AT800 on behalf of some of my customers, and given them the answers to their multiple diagnostic questions which includes the affected properties postcode they then make it clear that there is NOT a mast in the area and so there could be no 4G interference coming from a mast that does not exist

No matter how much I might protest to management or team leaders it all falls on deaf ears as in their eyes the problem does not exist.

I wish I could say that it was the first time that I've come across this problem but I can't, as I've seen this sort of scenario happen multiple times over the last few years.

Just how complicated can it be for the installers and/or operators of these mobile phone masts to inform AT800 well in advance of any intended installation totally baffles me.

You would think that sometime during the months and months of pre-planning which is necessary for these mobile phone masts that someone, just someone might be able to communicate that fact to AT800 so they may be aware that sometime in the not to distant future there could be TVI (Television interference) coming from that particular location,

But ok lets except that this is not a perfect world and human errors are made what I find astonishing is that there seems to be no fail safe in place and no backup for this communication breakdown, and let's face it, this is a whopping communication breakdown by a company specialising in, of all things, communication.

Again, just how complicated must it be as an absolute, last resort, failsafe for the guy who threw the switch at the masts location on Tuesday to be able to send a SMS, TXT or EMAIL either directly or indirectly to AT800 informing them of the site location and time of activation!?

At least this would give AT800 the heads-up for the possible large number of calls that may follow and lessons could then be learnt for the next time it happens, instead of telling those callers "Sorry there is NO 4G interference in your area" and having a despicable telephone manner to boot, talking down to each person that calls in.......SHOCKING!

When you consider that there are strong connections between the mobile phone operators and AT800 it does suggest that there is something going seriously wrong......or is there!? I do have my own personal opinion and ideas about this but for the time being at least I shall keep them to myself.

All as I can suggest is for anyone living in and around the witton area of Droitwich who thinks that their TV reception may be adversely affected due to this new mast to call AT800 (number below) but please be aware that they may not be able to help or offer any advise because the mast which is located at the Esso Garage, 130 Worcester Road, Droitwich does not exist!

The only hope being is that if enough people call in and then each call is logged and correlated the desired effect may be achieved via the back door and a late admission from AT800 that there is indeed an active mast there after all.

Unfortunately it will be all too late for many who would prefer to stop inside and watch the box over Easter as I now believe that AT800 will not be able to attend until after the Easter break.

AT800 - 0808 131 3800
As of Wednesday 7th of March 2018 there is a very good chance that you may have the words "Weak or No Signal" displayed on your TV screen, especially if your TV Aerial is pointed towards the Malvern transmitter.

In the early hours of this morning, significant engineering or frequency re-allocation work to be more precise was completed on many TV transmitters located throughout the Midlands.

The work to move many TV channels in their individual blocks (Multiplex's) to lower frequencies on the ever shrinking TV band had been planned for sometime.

The reason for doing this work was to make way for new mobile phone services which will begin to use these old TV frequencies for things like Mobile 5G, starting in 2020.

If you were to scroll down below this News item you will notice that I have always strongly advised against the re-tune of TVs if reception is lost!

Well of course, on this rare occasion the only way to restore TV reception is to actually re-tune your TV. So my advice this time is to Auto Re-tune your TV,
IF your TV reception was lost on March 7th 2018

Once you have completed a re-tune most TVs will work normally again and normal TV reception should be resumed! I use the word "should" as today I've found that there has been some anomalies as I've been inundated with calls from people who have gone through the TV tuning process only to find that not all TV channels have returned and in some cases still no TV reception at all.

If after having tried an automatic re-tune of your TV or recording box and you are still unable to receive normal TV pictures then please give me a call.

At the moment it's difficult to give too much useful advice and infomation over the phone as to the possible causes and reasons why some continue to experience poor TV reception even after an auto re-tune has been completed.

This is often complicated by the amount of variables regarding each individual TV setup, especially when you take into consideration factors such as the properties location relative to the TV transmitter, age of the TV Aerial and any boosters or amplifiers that may be present etc.

For the time being, and until the dust settles I am ONLY available throughout the day on my mobile number. I will offer as much advice as possible (bearing in mind what I've written above) over the phone but you may require a home visit to resolve any on going reception issues you may have.

Jeremy - 075210 46629
The following news item was taken from my "Cowboys & Bodgers" gallery (Installer fault 21)

Location - Droitwich

Complaint - Picture break-up and cable mess just inside the loft hatch.

Fault - Insufficient filtering of 4G transmissions and inappropriate use and location of mast head amplifier.

The sight of these amplifiers and TV aerial equipment inside a loft seems to be increasingly common and guess it's the work of unscrupulous and dishonest Aerial installers.

The Vision masthead amplifier marked "1" in my photo was installed as a replacement for the Fringe electronics amplifier "3" There was nothing wrong with the Fringe amplifier but to install a Masthead amplifier designed for outdoor use was not only dishonest but also technically incorrect too.

The 12 volt power unit "2" in my photo is used to feed voltage to the amplifier when it's located outside and a long way from a power source. Of course, in this case there was no problem obtaining power as it is in the form of a double, 240 volt socket right next to all of the equipment. 4G interference also continued to be an issue during the evenings for this customer.

Remedy - Return the 4 coax's to the perfectly working Fringe electronics amplifier and add one extra 4G filter. Remove the unrequired masthead amplifier & power unit.