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The following news item was taken from my "Cowboys & Bodgers" gallery (Installer fault 20)

Location -
Fernhill Heath

Complaint - Sudden loss of all TV channels.

Fault - Masthead amplifier damaged by water ingress. Getting up into the loft at this property where the amplifier had been installed by the previous Aerial installer I immediately noticed it was water logged. Rain water had entered the coax via a small cut on the outer sheath allowing it to flow down on the inside. This situation is really not uncommon but what is rare is next to the amplifier was another rusted/damaged masthead amplifier, not connected but just left discarded to one side. It was then obvious that the last installer had no morals or interest in finding out why the amplifier was damaged by rain water.

Remedy - Change the coax from the TV Aerial outside back into the loft, this then improved the signal so now there was no need to replace the amplifier at all but just a simple connection to the coax running down the cavity to the TV in the lounge.