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This week I received a call from an unhappy gentleman who was complaining of his inability to receive HD channels from the Malvern transmitter despite having recently been visited by an organisation set up to help people who experience problems with TV interference from 4G mobile phone masts.

Although the engineer who visited the property in October last year would have been aware of which transmitter the TV Aerial received it's signals from, during his (successful) attempt to stop 4G mobile phone signals interfering with this gentleman's TV reception he inadvertently installed the wrong filter/s, consequently blocking all HD signals from the Malvern transmitter.

Replacing the two incorrect filters for one outdoor (pole mounted) filter allowed the HD channels to pass but continued to block the 4G interference.

(Click on my image above to reveal the two incorrect (59) indoor filters on the left, and the image on the right which displays the correct outdoor (60) filter)

Although the original 4G interference work was carried out Free Of Charge by a sub contractor working behalf of an organization called "at 800" who in turn work on behalf of the UK mobile phone operators such as EE, and Vodafone etc I have now been informed by my happy HD receiving customer that this organisation has agreed to fully reimburse him for the work I carried out to rectify the problem.

This customers - Testimonial, Dated 19th January 2017
I am aware of either a reduction in power or possibly a transmitter synchronisation fault affecting the Bromsgrove transmitter's ITV multiplex 23 which includes the following bouquet of channels -

ITV, CH4, CH5, ITV 2, CH 4+1, More 4,
Film 4, ITV 4, E4, ITV +1.

Interestingly the vast majority of TV Aerials directed towards this transmitter seem not to be affected so I suspect the problem only affects TV Aerials or Aerial systems which may have had a borderline signal strength / quality prior to the fault developing.

Please be-aware that just because your TV pictures on the above channels may have been good prior to this current problem it is not necessarily an indication that your signal strength and quality would have been anything other than just sufficient any slight reduction in signal strength or quality and your reception of that signal will be lost completely, this is known as the "Digital cliff effect"

Regardless of this current transmitters fault it may be worthwhile having your TV Aerial or Aerial system checked, should a fault then be found and rectified it will dramatically reduce the chances of this happening again in the future.

In the meantime don't forget that if you're lucky enough to have a HD receiving TV you can still continue to watch ITV, CH4 and CH5, all of which remain unaffected on multiplex 30, just select the channel numbers 103, 104, and 105.

It's rare for me to offer the following advise (see my previous warnings below in Orange here in my news blogs regarding this) but just so long as you are currently receiving your TV signals from the Bromsgrove transmitter and you do not have problems with any other channels other than the ITV ones (as listed above) then an auto re-tune of your TV may just find a temporary solution by giving your TV the opportunity to lock onto another stronger ITV multiplex from another transmitter.

As soon as the Bromsgrove transmitter is back to it's normal self I will post a blog here in my news section and at that time you may need to auto-re-tune your TV one more time......Watch this space!

UPDATE 11th Jan 2017 - As I've had no recent reports of Multiplex 23 / ITV channels being a problem I can only presume that the recent reception problems have been resolved, please let me know to the contrary.