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Over the past few months I've noticed a steady increase in the amount of calls I'm receiving from people who are experiencing poor TV reception at certain times of the day, some have completely lost TV reception altogether.

As the nationwide 4G upgrade of all mobile phone masts reaches it's peak it's more than likely that this problem will only get worse before it gets better.

When I receive a call from someone complaining about their poor TV reception I automatically run through series of questions to try and establish if their reception problem is related to 4G.

If I suspect 4G interference I will normally advise a call to an organisation called "At 800" this company is funded by UK mobile phone operators such as EE, Telefónica UK, (O2), Three and Vodafone, it was setup some years ago in preparation for the roll out of the 4G mobile phone network and amongst other duties it is also responsible for rectifying TV interference caused by 4G

There are some notable exceptions with regards to my general advise to call
At 800, the most common being for all SKY subscribers or anyone who has
Free-sat installed, secondary TVs which are connected to a terrestrial TV Aerial in other rooms in the house will NOT be covered by At 800s free service in which case I am always available to come out and independently assess your TV reception difficulties and rectify any interference, regardless of cause.

Also, for those that are affected by interference who can be sure that their TV Aerial points either towards the Malvern or Kidderminster transmitters and can at the same time be certain that their TV Aerial has not been upgraded within the past 12 years or so may just find that a call to At 800 is also counter productive. Both of these transmitters will cease to transmit within the receiving range of the current, older grouped / analogue Aerials, so a TV aerial upgrade is likely to be necessary before the end of April 2018.

Both the Malvern and Kidderminster transmitters will undergo frequency / channel re-allocation work which is due to be completed before the end of April 2018. This will then make way for and allow the roll out of the next-generation mobile internet services" 5G " these new mobile phone services are due to start from 2020.

I'm aware of some, not so honest TV Aerial engineers who don't inform their customers that there may be a possible Free of Charge solution available to them.

I recently received a call from a distraught elderly lady from Worcester who was unable to watch her TV during the evenings, she'd made a call to a local aerial rigger who over a period of a couple of weeks made as many as 4 call outs to her home in an attempt to cure powerful 4G interference, each time he tried something new but each time he missed the obvious solution, although perhaps in this guy's defence it was more likely through sheer ignorance rather than dishonesty that all of his attempts to cure the problem were futile, needless to say this particular TV Aerial system was in need of a long term solution which may not have been covered by the free service provided by At 800 but much to this lady's delight just a short time after I arrived at her home she was able to watch interference free TV for the first time in weeks.

If you do suspect that you may be suffering with 4G interference please don't hesitate to contact me on my usual numbers for further advise or call At 800 directly, their details are available by clicking on the image below.

There seems to be a problem for some people trying to receive the following channels from the Bromsgrove
transmitter -

11 Pick
12 Dave
17 Really
29 E4 +1
32 Movie Mix
41 Food Network
46 Challenge
48 Movies4Men
68 TruTV
69 Tru TV +1
72 YourTV
126 Tiny Pop
132 Sky News
23 Create and Craft
43 Gems TV
49 The Jewellery Channel
173 ADULT smileTV3
176 ADULT Blue
177 ADULT Babestn2
207 Kiss Me TV
208 Proud Dating
723 talkSPORT
730 RNIB Connect.

I believe this particular reception issue which is currently affecting just one of Bromsgrove's 6 multiplex's (multiplex 44) may have existed for some time and despite the large number of channels on this one multiplex I suspect that many people who do have difficulty receiving these channels may possibly have put it down to their individual TV or TV Aerial being at fault.

Although it is highly unlikely that it would be an individual TV fault that's causing the reception problem there is a good chance that any reception difficulties of the above channels may be partly due to the TV Aerial or TV amplifier / booster or even just the location of the Aerial / property relative to the transmitter at Worms Ash.

I'm sure that some people reading this may just think......ahhh, but surely if it was my TV Aerial at fault then I wouldn't be receiving all the other channels, BBC and ITV etc etc.

I purposely used the word "partly" above as this afternoon I was able to carry out some of my own tests and could clearly see that to have good reception of this multiplex very much depended on the critical alignment of the TV Aerial and all other components in the signal path from the Aerial to the TV in the lounge being in good / perfect condition.

This is unusual as most modern high gain Digital Aerials will often cope with a large margin of error with regards to their alignment, I often notice a sufficient signal strength and quality being maintained even when the Aerial is way off alignment, even as much as 60 or 70 degrees either side of the correct alignment will still provide a uncorrupted, perfect TV picture.

So in short, I'm sure that there is an ongoing problem with this multiplex which may only develop as a reception problem for some households who have a less than perfect TV Aerial system.

I'm sure that this transmission fault will eventually be rectified but in the meantime I'm keen to hear from anyone who's currently having problems with the reception of these channels. I'm not suggesting a call out from myself to rectify any Aerial issues you may have (although this is possible) I'm more interested in knowing your location relative to the transmitter and to have an idea as to how many households might be affected.

I am always willing to offer free and comprehensive advise over the phone which can sometimes resolve the problem altogether.

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