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If you you are able to watch SKY on secondary TVs there is a reasonable chance that you may see this type of interference from time to time.

It only affects TVs which are connected to a SKY box via TV coax, often there is also an amplifier involved although this usually goes unnoticed as it's normally tucked away in the loft.

This type of interference which are sometimes referred to as "buzz bars" are frequently accompanied with a crackling / spluttering sound with the bars running horizontally across the screen and it can last from just a split second to as much as two or three seconds at a time.

Many people report that the interference is worse in the evening and although there is a chance that this could be true it's more than likely that more TV viewing is done in the evening so it's more noticeable problem during peak viewing times.

With the roll out and upgrade of many mobile phone transmitters to 4G this interference is becoming more and more common, and it's 4G which is to blame!

Prior to 2014 there were millions of SKY boxes manufactured and sold with their modulators set to RF Ch 68 and if you've had secondary TV/s connected to your SKY box there is a reasonable chance that the factory default frequency setting of Ch 68 has not been changed, even if it has been altered there is still a good chance that its been moved to either Ch 67 or 69, unfortunately any RF output channel which is used from around Ch 55 and up is susceptible to this type of 4G interference so I guess that there are many, many thousands of people throughout the country which are affected.

One good thing is that this type of interference is normally easily cured.

If you're competent enough to alter the SKY boxes RF frequency then I would still suggest you give me a quick call and let me know which terrestrial TV transmitter your TV Aerial is pointing at and I will advise you as to the best RF Ch number to use.

If you chance it and go it alone there is a possibility that you will wipe out a group of Digital TV channels if you guess and choose a random RF number.

If what I've written above all sounds to complicated then just give me a call as I'm more than happy to talk anyone through the simple process of altering the SKY boxes RF setting, over the of charge!

Please note - The new SKY Q system is not affected by 4G interference, also most SKY boxes manufactured and sold after 2014 have had part of their modulators removed making it more difficult (but not impossible) to watch SKY on secondary TVs, consequently there's less chance of 4G interference.
There is a small possibility that you may have lost some HD channels but the retuning of your TV will almost certainly restore them.

Any difficulties regarding the retuning of your TV then please call me on my mobile as I'm always willing to to talk you through the procedure over the phone.

Mobile - 07850 969 307
I received a call from the store manager of Cash Converters in Pump street, Worcester this morning and I have an idea that he may have read my news item below regarding the Sony Shop as he informed me that he had lost pictures on all TVs and thought it could be 4G mobile phone mast interference.

Although the new city centre 4G masts went live over 3 weeks ago I guessed there was a good possibility that this could indeed be 4G despite the late call especially when the store manager informed me that he had just come back from a couple of weeks holiday and no other staff member had taken responsibility to get the problem resolved.

To have TVs which are fore sale displaying a good picture is pretty important for any shop but I think it was the prospect of missing more of the Olympic games that prompted the call to me this morning.

I arrived just after lunch, made the usual checks to confirm 4G and then proceeded to the roof and on to the Aerial mast, within 30 mins or so all the TVs started springing back into life.....another satisfied customer!

While on the roof of Cash Converters I was able to have a look around to see if I could find the offending mobile phone masts and although I can't be certain I think they are on top of the building which used to belong to Jessops, Marmion House in the High street.

I've marked them with red arrows in my images below.