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Since the launch of the new 4G mobile phone mast in Droitwich (See my news item below) I have been receiving calls from customers who are experiencing interference on their secondary TVs.

Also since January this year I've become aware of a few more of these 4G masts popping up so the TV reception problems due to 4G is set to continue for some time to come.

Due to HDMI lead connections, this type of interference is not normally visible when Sky is viewed on the main TV but only shows itself as being short bursts of interference across the screen on TVs which are indirectly connected to the sky box, these TVs sometimes often being in either a bedroom or kitchen. Most of the time the sound is simultaneously affected too.

Unlike the 4G interference I have written about in my news item back in January this interference although only affecting Sky TV viewers has a transmission range far greater than previously thought, so I'm seeing TVs affected which are more than a mile from the 4G transmitter/interference source.

CAUSE - Up until approximately 2 years ago all Sky Digital box's that had been manufactured in the previous 15 years or so came out of the factory with their output frequency set to channel 68. One of the main reasons we now all watch Digital TV was to enable the government to sell off the old part of the TV band which was previously used to transmit analouge TV. So channels 63 thru to 68 are now being used to transmit and receive mobile data by the likes of O2, EE, Orange and Three etc

As there are many millions of Sky digital box's that have not had their frequency altered from when they were new and with many of these box's currently connected to other TVs around the home the problem is potentially a big one but at least a simple one to cure.

Unlike the interference caused directly to TVs by 4G this type of interference will not be covered by help from the Freephone number, as mentioned in my January news item.

SOLUTION - If you think that you have this type of interference bursting on to your screen every now and then while watching sky the answer is to change the output frequency of the Sky box from 68. Over the years I have often used channel 36 or 38 as these two frequencies are spare and not currently used within my working / coverage area.

Just remember if you already know how to change your Sky's output frequency you will also need to adjust/re-tune any TVs that are connected to your Sky box to match that same frequency.

If you are clueless as to how make these adjustments then I am more than willing to talk you through this relatively simple procedure over the phone.

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