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Over the past few weeks I have been contacted by an increasing number of distraught and frustrated customers as they attempt to keep their patios and conservatory roofs clean.

During the past 25 years I have always had a few calls each year from customers asking if there is something I can do to stop birds making a mess on their patios, outside doorways and on top of conservatory roofs. This year is turning out to be exceptional with regards to that request as I've had more than 10 calls in the past month alone.

The biggest culprit appears to be the fat and lazy Wood Pigeon although I do notice other birds such as Starlings, Carrion Crows and Jackdaws sitting on TV Aerials for shorter periods of time, it's the Wood Pigeon that seems to enjoy the aluminium perch as it's preferred place of rest.

Over recent years there has been a mini invasion of Wood Pigeons in to urban areas and gardens. I also notice that they appear to have more spare time than many other birds and I've often noticed them sitting around with little to do for long periods of time.

From my childhood memory the Wood Pigeon of the 1960s was a different bird altogether, living out in the countryside in large flocks they always seemed to be busy, settling in a cornfield only to be moved on shortly after with the bang of a farmers crow scarer or the sound of a double barrel shotgun. Back in those days it was the arable farmers that were taking the hit but it now appears that the adaptable Wood Pigeon has found an easier, urban way of life.

Although a double barrel shotgun could still have the desired effect for obvious reasons it's not the best solution so over the years I have perfected an idea and remedy which leaves the pigeons feathers unruffled and patios, door ways and conservatory's clean.

For a humane and permanent solution to the problem give me a call on my mobile - 07850 969 307 or my home number between 7 and 8pm. Droitwich - 01905 799152

My photo above was taken from a roof top standing next to the TV Aerial looking directly down the Aerial pole onto the conservatory roof and
 garden/patio below. ​Click to enlarge.
I'm aware of a new 4G mobile phone mast that has just been installed and activated a week or so ago in Barbourne, Worcester.

​I've recently been called out to three properties in Barbourne. All of which had the same things in common. 1 - TV picture breakup on almost every channel. 2 - TV Aerials point towards the Malvern transmitter 3 - A masthead amplifier installed on the TV Aerial mast. 4 - All properties were within a half mile radius of Security House, Barbourne and finally 6 - A high level of 4G signal arriving at the TV end of the coax (as indicated on my meter)

So if you live in the Barbourne area of Worcester and already know that you have a signal amplifier/booster attached to your Aerial mast as well as it's associated power supply at the back of your TV set and have recently started having reception problems (from early July 2015 onwards) then it's more than likely going to be caused by 4G

Most if not almost all homes in Barbourne have their TV Aerials pointing towards the Malvern TV Transmitter. This transmitter is unique in the area that I cover in that it uses part of the TV band to transmit TV which is also very close in frequency to the frequencies used by 4G which in turn increases the possibility of interference.

​If you have a HD receiving TV there is also an increased chance of seeing breakup on the HD channels, BBC1 101, BBC2 102 and ITV 103 etc. The reason for this is that the Malvern transmitter transmits it's HD TV channels at a frequency of around 790 MHz which is the last frequency used on the UK TV band and just a short distance away from the 4G mobile phone transmissions starting at 806 MHz.

For further advise you can call me on my mobile throughout the day on -
07850 969 307 or if you are sure that you are seeing interference caused by 4G you can call a freephone helpline number on - 0808 1313 800.